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The following is an excerpt of poems from Topiary Dreams 

Copyright 2003 and 2004 by Dawn Colclasure

No part of this excerpt may be copied, printed, distributed or sold. Reprinting any of this material must first be granted by the author in writing; send requests to reprint at .

This book can be bought from my Web site at  

Plagiarism is strongly discouraged and anyone who violates this copyright will be charged.

shadow dancer


let the darkness be your guide.

darkness. all.

bring with you your memories.

visions. fall.

dance the dance of forgotten thieves.

the wrongfully accused.

bare your soul for all to see.

hated and abused.

shadows whisper, shadows dance.

but even shadows lie.

enter the darkness

as your one last chance.

lay down to receive Him.






stolen paradise


let the darkness be your world.

do not fear the terrors it holds.

the storm has now come unfurled.

a new race rises from the molds.


enter now my saddened dreams.

open now your weary eyes.

come with me to this new stream.

come now to my stolen paradise.


leave behind all of your cares.

let go now of all your woes.

turn away from the stares.

follow where the darkness goes.


enter now my broken heart.

take a chance and roll the dice.

come with me to a world apart.

come now to my stolen paradise.


i’ll be with you in the end.

i’ll be with you when it’s done.

i’ll be with you as a friend.

and then we shall join as one.


enter now my unleashed madness.

feel now all of my burning sadness.

come with me to someplace nice.

come now to my stolen paradise.






soul of my soul.

flesh of my flesh.


the city burns now

and i watch our horrors die

in the blood-filled eyes

of my twin-to-be.

she lies with me.


hatred unencumbered;

you know what i mean.

through the flames of the fires

the call is set free.

with blood on our hands

she walks with me.


doubtless imaginings.

there is no such thing

as a restraint.

hatred knows us –

and knows us well.

the wild in our eyes

has been cursed to Hell.


we are one now –

and none can pretend.

we brought all our nightmares

to this fiery end.


bonded forever, blood to blood.

let the sky be our witness

as we dance through our world.

i am never alone –

she is always with me.

soulsisters forever

and ever shall be.


and when i lay down

in my coffin to die,

we shall bleed together,

my soulsister and i.