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This page is for anyone interested in what I'm up to right now. Anything later deleted will be submitted/published. Books listed as "ongoing" do not have a scheduled date of completion and/or submission.

Writing a MG paranormal mystery series.


Writing a YA fantasy novel.


Writing a book on prayer.


Writing a reference book for writers.


Writing a book about making positive changes in your life.


Writing a book on transforming your life into a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Writing a book about alien conspiracies and government cover-up.


Collaborating on a sci-fi novel. (ON HOLD)


Revising the "Revisions book" (book for writers on revising your work).

Revising the haunted houses book (a new version of the previous book).


Researching an idea for a Supernatural book.


Reviewing books for Night Owl Reviews.

This page will be updated regularly.

Contact me at: