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Colclasure Family News, Annnouncements and General Musings

Here you will find out all about the Colclasure family. Although an uncommon name, mapping the genealogy of this name and its varying family lines has become an important job to some of the Colclasures out there -- including my aunt!

Note that being a Colclasure doesn't automatically mean there's a blood relation. In my attempt to get an inside scoop on the genealogy of this name, I've heard that there are Colclasures that came from Africa and Russia, in addition to France (which is the Colclasure line I belong to). There are also variations on the spelling of this name. The one I have is not the original; the original Colclasure name my ancestors in France had started with a "K." I haven't yet learned what this spelling is. All I know is that it was changed to a "C" when they emigrated to the U.S.

Here's where you'll find pictures, birth announcements, news and general musings from family members.

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Musings and News.

Pushpin With Memo

UPDATE: I've just learned that our name doesn't have French origin. Actually, "Colclasure" is an Americanized GERMAN name!

Birth Announcements

Welcome to the world, babies! (And the Colclasure clan!)


Laurie Ruby Colclasure was born July 12, 2004.
She is the 4th child of Neal Colclasure, Jr. and Shannah Taft Colclasure.
They have three sons: Neal Colclasure III, Noah and Jeremy.
Isabelle Rose Colclasure was born June 5, 2006. She is the second child of Elizabeth Calhoun; the first for her father, Richard. Elizabeth has one child from a previous relationship, Carolyn Emily.
Destiny Leanne Colclasure was born June 7, 2006.
She is the first child of Troy Colclasure, Jr. and his girlfriend.