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Serious about getting your facts straight? The links below offer some great tools for writers and students!


Hemingway Editor


Writing Resources Guide

List of various resources

Plagiarism Prevention Guide

ITS Free Plagiarism Checker

ITS Academic Research Tools

Online Writing Resources for Students

Writing Guidebook for Students

Guide to Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism Awareness and Prevention

Praxis Exam Prep

Tips on Public Speaking

Study Skills for Students

E-Learning Guidebook

Proper Manuscript Format

Calendar Zone

Basic Guide to ASL

Online Etymology Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary

Acronym Finder

Language Translator

Writers Reference

Four different dictionaries and thesaurus at

Online Text Formatter and Character Counter

Got tools not listed here? I'm interested in any kind of FREE online tool for any kind of writer. Please email Dawn at  with links. Thanks!