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Parenting Pauses

This page is devoted to regular, dated entries by me that cover my experiences as a first-time parent. I am slowly but surely learning everything all of those seasoned moms out there already know. An added challenge for me is that I am a deaf parent with an additional physical disability (my left hand has only three fingers as a result of a car accident and subsequent surgery). I am the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, Jennifer. 

Jennifer and I, New Year's, 2006

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Being a deaf parent isn’t just about not being able to hear anything—it’s more. From limited access to information in the medical establishments to daily challenges in dealing with discrimination and communication hurdles, the world of deaf parenting is one fraught with trials, fears and tribulations that no other parenting experience will offer. But at the same time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Deaf parents CAN conquer those trials, they CAN overcome those fears and they CAN work around those tribulations in order to make deaf parenting work.
Parenting Pauses will give readers, both deaf and hearing, an inside look into the world of one deaf parent, along with some tips and techniques learned along the way.

Parenting Pauses August 2003

Parenting Pauses September 2003

Parenting Pauses October 2003

Parenting Pauses December 2003

Parenting Pauses January 2004

Parenting Pauses, March 2004

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