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All books on this page are under contract with publishers or they are scheduled for self-publication and are pending publication.

All books on this page are scheduled for publication in the near future. Some books under contract do not yet have covers. However, the books which do have covers are included here. If you are interested in learning more about these books or would like to review a book once it is published, please contact me.


Enter at your own risk – for here there be ghosts! Ever wanted to know why houses are haunted? Want to read scary but true stories from people who have lived in haunted houses and survived to tell the tale? Have you ever wanted to know what it's like for paranormal investigators bravely gathering evidence of a haunting in a home? ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: The Complete Book on Haunted Houses will give you those answers, and more! Learn about real haunted houses from around the world, pick apart the movies about haunted houses, and read all about haunt attractions that are really haunted! From the scientific to the unexplained, this book will arm you with the facts and fiction behind haunted houses - and the ghosts that haunt them!

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